"XXL Movie Reviews from a Slightly Overweight Guy"

Mission Statement:

To provide honest movie reviews and features to educate and to entertain from the viewpoint of a guy with personality and an extensive knowledge of cinema and the experience gained from being a nerdy, middle-aged, married parent of four children. Each one of my movie reviews published on the site are going to answer two basic questions: "Is this movie worth your hard earned money?" and "Is this movie fun?"

Now that you read all of that nonsense, let's start off with a disclaimer, I am not an expert of anything. What I am is a fan of the movie going experience. My reviews are just my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. My opinions may change from time to time, but they are well thought out and honest. I am a fan of movies, just like you. You may not always agree with what I say, but I will always encourage you to intelligently debate your point of view.

Let's face it, going to the movies is getting to be ridiculously expensive. Between 3D, IMAX, DX, and RDX screenings, the optional upgrades added to ticket prices can cost a fortune, especially for a family on a tight budget whose kids are begging them to see the latest animated movie. Let's not forget about the parents who want a date night and have to pay for a babysitter or the poor college student who survives on a diet of Ramen Noodles. Everyone basically wants to know if all the time, money, and effort is worth making the trek to their local theaters. My movie reviews will let you know if you should pay the extra cash for 3D or if going to a bargain matinee is a better option or if just waiting for a flick to hit the Redbox kiosk is the best option.

What I always hated with traditional movie reviews were mostly the authors themselves. Most speak down to their audience from their arrogant soapbox. To many critics, if a film is not Oscar worthy, they don't like it and will belittle the average ticket buyer for being entertained. The average movie goer is a hard working individual that doesn't care about a film's cinematography or editing. They want to know if their favorite actor is bad ass or if their favorite franchise went over the top with its latest sequel. They are turned off by pompous critics that use such huge words, a dictionary has to be broken out just to understand them. As a big movie geek, I was always being asked by friends what I thought of a particular movie to help them determine what to see that weekend. After being bombarded so much, I finally decided to write down my opinions on a website so I could share them with the world instead of just my friends. I write my reviews as if I was having a fun conversation with them. This is how I started writing movie reviews.

My first movie review ever was published on July 22, 2011 for Captain America: The First Avenger and I haven't slowed down since.

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